Sean Estabrooks seanlkml at rogers.com
Wed May 19 09:54:40 UTC 2004

On Wed, 19 May 2004 11:03:28 +0300
xyzzy at hotpop.com wrote:

> > Has been discussed in the afore mentioned thread very extensively. Fact
> > is that the problem is bound to a special, but not exactly known
> > combination of hardware. Most users are not affected. And the problem
> > came up very late in the test process.
> None of which is an excuse for releasing something with this major of a bug.

No big deal really.   Already have a work around and a more complete 
fix will be forthcoming.  The intended audience of Fedora won't have a 
heart attack over small issues like this.

> Again, not an excuse for releasing something with this kind of problem

What, you asking for your money back?

> I am not "blaming" FOSS.  I am merely pointing out that this gives ammunition 
> (and well deserved) to the enemies of Open Source.  Actually, FOSS isn't the 
> problem here.  A stupid release schedule is... which has nothing to do with 
> FOSS; rather, obvious inept management of the Fedora project.
> However, the Dark Side won't make that distinction.

Really doesn't matter.   Many times people see what they want to see.

> > And the Fedora Project does not aim to the computer novize 
> > or windows user.
> Doesn't it now...  That's so nice to hear... and how is Linux going to "take 
> over" the Desktop by 2005?  I see, you want it both ways...

Nope.   Linux is not defined by Fedora.   That's kind of the point.   It's
the freedom of Linux.   And not many people expect the desktop
top be taken over in 2005.

> > Those people, who may have a lot of trouble to recover 
> > from that fault, shouldn't use Fedora, but probably Red Hat Workstation
> > or one of the other distros (Mandrake is a good choice).
> Yeah, yeah...  That's a great way to fix a problem... just ignore it...

Not being ignored.   There is already a work around.   The problem doesn't
even affect everyone who is dual booting and doesn't affect anyone
who has been freed from Windows :o)

> > As said before - no reason for so much excitement.
> In other words, shut up and go back to Windows??  Spoken like a true zealot.

Nope.   You seem to be on the edge of sounding like one though.
Ashamed of your name are you?   Why not come out from behind
the email addy.


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