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> Around 09:36am on Wednesday, May 19, 2004 (UK time),
> root scrawled:
> > I am sorry for my language, Russian. I can not
> understand I start to put
> > FC2 it loads initrd, but when it is necessary to
> load a nucleus into the
> > moment it overloads a computer.
> Could you explain "overloads a computer" more? 
> Perhaps you can post the
> error messages or state the symptoms.
> Steve
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I just attempted to upgrade from FC1 to FC2 and the
first time I put the CD in I got the opening screen,
selected Upgrade using the graphical interface. The
second screen appead and loaded the SCSI adaptor.  At
that point the computer froze.  I rebooted and went
through the same proceedure but this time I got the
check CD screen and it probed for my video card,
montor and mouse.  It then went to the FC2 main screen
when the computer froze again.  I know my computer is
compatible with the program but I'm having major
issues just upgrading.  It appears that I will
continue to use FC1 -- if it ain't broke don't fix it.


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