[FC1] Can't start the X server anymore... What can I do??

Coume - Lubox.com coume.mailinglists at lubox.com
Wed May 19 18:03:27 UTC 2004


I was in the middle of the last FC2 CD download... when my computer
crashed on more time!
But now I cannot boot anymore, I mean the X server cannot start anymore,
and it tries to reconfigure it but with no luck :(

What are my options?

Knowing that I just miss one iso, CD2. Is it possible to download it
from a command line and then manage to burn the 4 isos from the command
line? But to do so, I need to start ppp0 :(
I don't know how to do that to :(

Or is there a way to reconfigure XF86 to a default config to boot again?
I tried to use the backup XF86 config but do not want to boot either...

Any help is welcome :)

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