FC2, Mice, and Xorg

billg billg at f-m.fm
Wed May 19 19:48:29 UTC 2004

While I'm waiting for the torrent of incoming bits to conclude, here's a
question about about getting multi-button mice working with FC2.

I'ce got an MS wireless USB Intellimouse Explorer mouse.  Counting the
wheel as one button, it's got 5 of 'em: 2 on the left side , the wheel
and two on top. I know scrolling will work out of the virtual box, but I
want to also use the two left side buttons.  I've done this with older
distributions via xmodmap and a little program called imwheel. (Nothing
fancy, just "back" and "forward" for my browsers.)

I've seen several reports that imwheel doesn't work with Xorg. True?

What's the appropriate way  to cajole Xorg to recognize and use all those
buttons?  Thanks.

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