Sean Estabrooks seanlkml at rogers.com
Wed May 19 21:50:44 UTC 2004

On Wed, 19 May 2004 17:22:43 +0300
xyzzy at hotpop.com wrote:

> Where is it written what the "intended audience" of Fedora is?

Read a bit of what is on fedora.redhat.com.   And as another poster
pointed out learn a bit about the release methodology.

> > What, you asking for your money back?
> Yeah, that's real cute...  Typical... So, since it's free, that means that 
> crap can be released... That's what I thought...

If that's what you thought then why did you choose Fedora?   It might
not be the right choice for you.   Nobody owes you anything.   If you
want something more stable please pay RedHat for one of their
supported products.

> > Really doesn't matter.   Many times people see what they want to see.
> Really doesn't matter??  How arrogant.

It really doesn't matter.   Is it the end of the world when there is a problem?
No.   We deal with it and move on.   

> And, what is the work around?  Or is that just your little secret?  And, how 
> am I able to be freed from Windows if I can't even install Linux without 
> losing everything else?

sfdisk -d | sfdisk -H255 

Where 255 is the number of heads for your disk.   Usually 255 but
some people report 240 as the right number.     See, no big deal.
Obviously this will be dealt with so it's not a problem in the future.
It appears it's only a problem for people who ignored a warning
about LBA during their install process.   It doesn't seem to affect
too many people.

> Jesus, grow up, will you?

You really need to look yourself in the mirror.


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