nvidia and FC2

John fedora at integralsource.com
Thu May 20 16:53:53 UTC 2004


Perhaps you can enlighten me about MACROVISION.  Is it
this DRM software (http://www.macrovision.com)?


Rui Miguel Seabra wrote:

> On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 00:36 +1000, Daniel Stonier wrote:
>>I for one appreciate that they do provide drivers for linux when linux 
>>not figure in the mass market.
> They provide you with binary only software that has code whose only
> purpose is to restrict what you can do with your computer: MACROVISION
> They don't have to produce the drivers. Interested and capable
> developers only require information on how to talk to the hardware.
>> And since they are going out of their way to
>>do something they do not need to do to thrive as a business, then yes I 
>>they do deserve some respect for that. Anyone who does a favour for you 
>>they dont need to do it really does deserve some thanks.
> They're not doing you any favour, but that's still besides the point.
> They would spend far less resources by liberating info on how to talk to
> the hardware.
>>Sure it would be nice if it was open source, but it really is difficult to
>>jump on any bandwagon one way or another without knowing all the issues
>>regarding NVIDIA's business and legal position, it may simply be completely
>>impossible for them to survive as a business should they do so. It's very 
>>to find a business like RedHat which stands on those principles and 
> You're avoiding the issue. NVIDIA has already stated why they can't make
> the drivers free software: they have third party licensed software that
> they didn't do themselves.
> You're even giving them credit for something they don't do.
> Rui

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