Dual booting FC2 with FC1

Gerry Tool gstool at earthlink.net
Thu May 20 17:54:27 UTC 2004

Dave wrote:
> I installed FC1 to a new machine a week ago. The PC was meant to be a
> 'test-bed' machine but having updated and tweaked FC1 over the week I
> find that it's working better than any PC on my LAN so I'm loathe to
> lose it now. :)
> I have a spare new Hard Drive to install to this machine so I'm going to
> install FC2 to the new disk and keep FC1 on the master disk.
> Will the new FC2 installation add to the grub entries automatically so I
> can still boot FC1?
> The last time I multi-booted was with RH6.2 with Windows95 using LiLo!
When it comes time to set up grub during the install, one option is to 
put the FC2 grub boot record on the boot sector of your new root sector, 
leaving the current master boot record as is.

Then, you can boot to FC1, mount the partition that FC2 is on and 
integrate the boot information from the FC2 /etc/grub.conf into the FC1 
/etc/grub.conf in a text editor.  No need to run anything.  The next 
time you boot, the FC2 choice should be in the grub menu.


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