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Thu May 20 20:02:44 UTC 2004

billg said:

> Yum was very, very slow. If I didn't know better, as a new user might
> not, I would've assumed that it had crashed. Yum also began to downoad
> headers for several packages other than the paclage I had requested.  I
> terminated yum before it completed.

if you want to use yum, let me recommend that you change your repos to a
fedora mirror, you'll get better results.  the mirrors are listed on the site, and the config is in /etc/yum.conf

> 1)  Is yum's unresponsiveness due to mirror load? If so, why wasn't
> up2date slow?  Just dumb luck?  Do they not look at the same
> repositories?

mirror load and dumb luck.  hwen you updated there probably weren't many
people on the server, when you yum'd, then it was probably slammed.

> 2)  Why offer more than one way update a Fedora system?

why offer kde and gnome?  why allow the user to choose their browser?

because the choices are out there, because they work well when configured
properly =]

if you're looking for a gui, go to (the official extras repo)
and install apt/synaptic.

when you install apt, run

apt-get mirror-select

go through the selections, and then use synaptic from the menus (system
settings -> more system settings)

> I'd prefer to see a single tool used for updating as well as for
> installing new packages.  Presumably, the latter functionality could be
> added to up2date. (Perhaps an option to "List New Available Official
> Packages").  The Xandros updater provides that functionality, I believe.
> I'd also recommend that up2date display, by default, a short synopsis of
> the need and purpose of each proposed update. And, of curse, a user
> should never, ever, need to edit a source list to get the update tool to
> work.
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