Installed FC2 on hdb but lost FC1 on fda.

Dave fedora.lists at
Thu May 20 20:43:41 UTC 2004

I mentioned earlier today I had installed FC1 on a new machine last week
and was going to install a second drive and install FC2.

Which I've done. However... :(

There was a part in the install asking about boot loaders and showed the
new FC2 already as the default. So I clicked 'add' to add hda and gave
it the name 'FC1'.There was already a tick for default against hdb (New
home of FC2)

Originally the grub boot page (before installing FC2) showed the kernel
from the FC1 iso and the latest kernel I'd updated to a few days ago,

Now on rebooting the machine I get the graphic grub screen with the new
kernel and underneath the one I added FC1. 

FC2 works okay but when I decided to try and boot FC1 from hda by
selecting 'FC1' from grub I got the message...

Rootnoverify (HDo,o)
Error 13 Invalid or unsupported executable format
Press any key.

So now I'm stuck. Will I be able to boot FC1 from hda again?
I have the use of a torch and a pencil :(


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