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Thu May 20 22:38:41 UTC 2004

Behold, William Hooper <whooperhsd3 at> hath decreed:
> Please send replies to the list.
> Mario Casamalhuapa said:
> > I am trying to install imap-2001a-18.i386.rpm
> This seems to be the uw-imap version for RH 9.
> > or can you recoomend one.
> I have heard reports of success using the FC1 version with FC2.  Also some
> talk of getting it into, so I would check there.
> If you look at the release notes for FC2, you will see it comes with two
> imap servers - dovecot and cyrus-imapd

Since I didn't need the functionality of cyrus-imapd, I built imapd-2002d
against FC2 just fine, based on existing RPMs. I can provide my SRPM
privately if requested.

Note: I patched imap so that it provides folders under $HOME/imap instead
of the default, which was just $HOME (resulted in a ton of uninteresting
folders showing up via imap and being dog-slow). For my use, I put
symlinks under that dir to maildir-format mail files I want to access
via imap (I use this to access my mail from both evolution and mutt
without them stepping on each other too much).


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