XFree86 gone from Fedora Core? WHY!?

Eric Diamond eric at ediamond.net
Fri May 21 04:41:47 UTC 2004


This is going to sound harsh. I don't mean it to be. But...

The arguments you put forth demonstrate a complete misunderstnding of
the general concepts of free/open software. I'm not going to try to
correct you on a point by point basis because the fact that you're on
this list means that you are capable of doing the requisite research for
yourself. I do on the other hand, strongly urge you to do that research.

I am also going to remind you of one of the prime plusses of open
software from a users standpoint. If you, personally, prefer to run
XFree86, then by all means please do so! There is absolutely nothing
preventing you from downloading the latest source tarballs and
installing it yourself. Just because it doesn't come as part of the FC2
distribution doesn't mean it won't run on FC2.

Eric Diamond
eDiamond Networking & Security
eric <at> ediamond [dot] net 

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