where is XF86Config?

Edward edward at tripled.iinet.net.au
Fri May 21 04:49:34 UTC 2004

Norton Trevisan Roman wrote:

> I just installed FC-2 on my laptop... and it didn't put the XF86Config in
> /etc/X11... what happened?

Seriously folks, I really don't mind the plethora of posts regarding FC2 
showing up here, I'll need them in about 60 days when FC2 finishes 
downloading :), but can we please avoid these ones?

Read the release notes first please, then the archives, then ask. This 
is just silly. Jumping in with both feet, and then flooding the list 
with stuff you really should know.

Sorry for the rant. Must be jealousy at all the fast connection you guys 
have got.


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