Broadband problem

Jan Håkansson jan.hakansson at
Fri May 21 17:39:32 UTC 2004

fre 2004-05-21 klockan 14.19 skrev Alexander Dalloz:
> Am Fr, den 21.05.2004 schrieb Jan Håkansson um 10:04:
> > I have installed FC2, and my broadband-connection is very slow, about
> > 100 kb.
> > I had RedHat 9 before and there was no problem.
> > When i use Win XP on the same machine I get a connetion-speed for about
> > 6000 kb.
> Thank you for the information.
> ... Do you really expect you could get help with that given information
> or is it just information and no help request?
> Alexander

Hi again

Ok, maybe it was to little information.
I try again...
My computer is a Dell dimension 4550, and have a integrated NIC.
When I look in network-configuration, I can see that FC2 found it and
installed that as a "Intel EtherExpress/100 driver". And it worked right
away. I have a direct 10 Mb broadband-connection. But I get a very slow
connection-speed. When I test the speed with FC2, I only get about 100
kbps. When I test it with Win XP, I get about 6000 kbps. I have used the
same page to test the speed.
I have used several linux-distribution and never had the problem with
this computer.
Hope someone can help me.


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