FC2 Adding software after succesfull installation under GNOME

Brant Barney barney at cs.utah.edu
Sat May 22 15:18:49 UTC 2004

Dennis Schulz wrote:

>When I try to install some packages from the FC2 final CD's, the
>install-tool doesn't accept the CD. It says that the disc is not accessible.
>I've found out, that I have to umount the CD before pressing the
>"Yes"-Button. I think some "auto mount"-functionality bears the blame for
>this error. Normally an icon is created on the desktop when I insert a CD
>into my drive. And I think then the CD is automounted. The install-tool also
>tries to mount the CD and this fails. Due to this it means that the disc is
>not accessible after I pressed "Yes", when it asks for a disc. Perhaps the
>tool should check if the media is already mounted before it tries to do it
>on its own.
>Does anybody have the same problem? It is very "unsmooth" to umount the disc
>over a terminal before you can continue with your 1 package installation ^^ 
>Greets Dennis
>(Perhaps this mail is already in the list. I've made a fault and so I'm not
>sure so I send this mail again. sry)

I've had the same problem.  I ended up installing the packages via yum, 
seemed less of a hassle.

Brant Barney

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