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Sun May 23 07:35:37 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-05-22 at 15:28, Marc Williams wrote:
> I see that TVtime is now the exclusive FC2 TV application.  That's fine
> I suppose, and it produces a nice picture, but how do I get it to
> consume less CPU time?  Right now in its default installation it
> practically pegs my Athlon 1Ghz processor.  Xawtv on FC1 I used to
> barely register.
> Is there a way to pare down the CPU usage that TVtime seems to need or
> should I just go back to xawtv?

    You'll have to turn off the 'magic': the code that rescrambles the
frames into a better looking screen.  Personally, I wish it just had a
"raw" mode, instead of all the interlace, de-interlace, and generally
munging with the display.  That was ONE thing xawtv did very well.  :>

    But I love the program; it's very well done, lotsa features...try
out that "XDS" thing, if you haven't already.  Wish I could just have it
leave that on...

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