MP3 in KDE on FC2

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Sun May 23 09:18:03 UTC 2004

Check out this site:

It is perfectly expainted and it works without any 
problem ........................

Am Sonntag, 23. Mai 2004 11:03 schrieb Coume -
> On Sun, 2004-05-23 at 09:28, Dusan Djordjevic wrote:
> > -Downloaded and installed libtag and libtag-devel RPMs
> > -Downloaded lame source and rebuilt and installed it (prefix /usr)
> > -Downloaded libmusicbrains source, rebuilt and installed it (prefix /usr)
> >
> > And after all this i rebuilt kdemultimedia from SRPM. During configure it
> > found lame, so MP3 should work. When I installed packages, they
> > complained:
> If I understand well you did not use apt or yum right?
> To ease eevrything, just add to your repositories and install
> everything needed from their... It will take care of the dependencies.
> Just to make sure, you know that you have to install xmms-mp3 to add the
> mp3 to FC, right?
> Ludo
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