Unable to Create Bootable USB Disk - Need Help

David Hunt david.hunt.linux at comcast.net
Sun May 23 11:46:07 UTC 2004

David Hunt wrote:

> Displayed message is "This disk is not bootable..."
> I can open the usb drive in Windows or Linux and read the contents. It 
> all looks OK, but obviously this isn't working.
> Anyone know why?
Apparently not. But for anyone searching through the archives, this 
appears to be a problem with sfdisk. I was using it because it has so 
many options. It looks "newer" so it must be better, right? Not 
necessarily. I could repeat the same process over and over, and it was 
hit or miss whether the usb key would actually be bootable. I decided to 
use fdisk later and that created a bootable partition 100% of the time.

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