FC2 upgrade confuses dual NIC detection (?kernel problem?)

Richard Conway fedora at rconway.co.uk
Sun May 23 20:17:11 UTC 2004

I have upgraded from FC1 to FC2.

I have two ethernet cards which under FC1 are reported as:
device: eth0
driver: tulip
desc: "DEC|DECchip 21041 [Tulip Pass 3]"
device: eth1
driver: tulip
desc: "Accton|EN-1216 Ethernet Adapter"

After the upgrade both cards were marked as eth0, (or in one case after
re-running kudzu eth2 also appeared). In this state they are totally

The only way I can get my NICs to be detected correctly is to reboot
into my trusty 2.4 series kernel, (which had fortunately survived the

I diagnose this as being a problem with the FC2 kernel (2.6.5-1.358). Is
anyone aware of such a problem, or is there some extra configuration
required to make this happen with the 2.6 series kernel?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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