cryptplug from for FC2?

Roland Wolters wolters.liste at
Sun May 23 23:12:15 UTC 2004

Once upon a time Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am So, den 23.05.2004 schrieb Roland Wolters um 18:40:
> > In Fedora Core 1 was some kind of cryptplug pakage to install
> > ägypten/sphinx for S/mime support in Kmail - what's about that for Fedora
> > Core 2? Someone on fedora-test-list mentioned, that it will be released
> > soon - is there any possibility to get announcments?
> Yes, Michael Schwendt did told you to be a bit patient.
> > And, btw.: Whtas about Repos? Are they official for Fedora Core
> > 2?
> is Fedora Extras - yes, official.
> > Or are they 3rd party like dag? And what's about livna?
> Packages not being included to Fedora Core nor Fedora Extras due to
> license issues are made available through If you would
> just spend half a minute to visit, you could read
> that at top of the page yourself.
You are right, sure, I've read it, but you can found something similar at, and dag has a similar philosophie, too, I think.
I was confused cause some people talk about as a third party repo, 
and some people talk about as a extra, but official repo.

And whats about the fereshrpms, dag, and so on? In some forums there are some 
discussions about the incompatibilitys of some packages from some repos (for 
example: many people report that freshrpm packages are not compatible with 
the packages of So who made the failure there?

Confused, Roland

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