Fedora Core 2 Install Problem

Sean Estabrooks seanlkml at sympatico.ca
Mon May 24 01:18:31 UTC 2004

On Sun, 23 May 2004 21:57:06 -0300
"Ken" <kenlist at nbnet.nb.ca> wrote:

> I am having a lot of trouble with Core 2.
> I put cd 1 in and it starts to boot the kernel. I have 1 SATA drive and 1
> IDE drive. It hangs looking for another drive on the second SATA port. After
> about 1 minute the kernel continues to boot. I go through the install erased
> my Suse 9.0 partitions and created my fedora core 2 partitions and the
> proceeded with the install I did a full installation. After the reboot, GRUB
> listed two OS's Windows XP and Fedora core 2. I selected windows. GRUB
> displayed its boot commands and windows wouldn't boot at all. Then I tried
> fedora core 2, It starts to boot the kernel and freezes. It doesn't get to
> the hardware detection phase. The last line I see is initializing. After
> this I reinstalled Suse 9.0 and I was able to get into both my windows and
> suse os's.
> Any Ideas. I had no trouble with fedora core 1 on this exact system.

Hi Ken,

If you can set your disk to LBA mode in the BIOS before install,
everything will work as far as dual booting.    Windows has a strange habit
where it can set and expect CHS values in the partition table to be in LBA 
even when the BIOS isn't set to LBA.    It would be nice if Fedora left the 
strange values for Windows alone and i'm sure future installs will do just that.   
If you can't set your BIOS there are a few simple commands to run after
the install to fixup the partition table and make MSWindows bootable again.
For some more info  check out bugzilla (just ignore all the end-of-the-world 


As for your machine freezing when booting into Fedora this may have 
something to do with the new version 2.6 Linux kernel and you'd have
to post more information about your motherboard etc for any hope of help.


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