Xorg curiosity on FC1 -> FC2 upgrade

James Jones jamesjones01 at mchsi.com
Mon May 24 02:47:20 UTC 2004

I spent this afternoon upgrading my wife's computer from FC1 to FC2. I 
was amazed at how long it took--far longer than an install of 
"everything"==but that's not important right now.

What surprised me was what it did to /etc/X11, namely:

1. the symlink /etc/X11/X was broken, rather than being made to point at 
/usr/X11/bin/Xorg as was done with a clean install.
2. there was no xorg.conf file created.

The output of "man Xorg" refers one to what appear to be configuration 
programs.... which weren't there. Looking around on the web for one such 
program turned up a man page saying that it ran "Xorg -configure", so I 
tried that, and then just ran Xorg with the option to explicitly specify 
the newly created configuration file.

It didn't work; the error message complained about the lack of a proper 
number or numeric range on the VertRefresh line. Examining that file 
turned up that Xorg -configure emitted a file containing something on 
the order of the following lines:

    HorizSync     30.0 - 95.0
    HorizSync     0.0 - 0.0
    VertRefresh  50.0 - 0.0

I got reid of the duplicate and corrected the upper end of the 
VertRefresh from the XF86Config file that was fortunately left behind, 
and that has apparently done the trick.

    James Jones

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