Samba and IP shares

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Mon May 24 07:22:07 UTC 2004


thats a simple one :-)

Chris Botha schrieb:

> Dear friends
> I would like to know what the possibilities are that one can bind samba
> shares to work station IP Addresses or IP range. So that all workstations
> (eg: will only be able to access some shares on the server
> and not have access to others, and that will not have
> access to shares that the can access. This is with username
> and passwords. I would like to add extra security to the systems. I know in
> globals one can set which network range can access samba, but now I want to
> set it to folders for certain workstations, so that not every user on the
> network can access files from every workstation on the network.

add to the share

hosts allow =
hosts deny =


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