FC2: nv driver with dualhead, xinerama setup

Peter Boy pboy at barkhof.uni-bremen.de
Mon May 24 10:10:27 UTC 2004

Am Mo, den 24.05.2004 schrieb Steve Berry um 03:02:
> Why is it required to have 2 cards with the nv driver used with x.org, I
> simply don't understand why it lacks multiple outputs, other then full
> support of the card being lacked. 

I don't know the technical details. But i tried it myself, came up with
the same error message as you and filed a bug, because I read the doc
and understood the driver is meant to support DH. But Bill Nottingham
told me, the driver is broken in some way, does definitely not support
dual head on a single card, and nobody knows how to fix it. Only nvidia
people could help out.


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> Am Mi, den 19.05.2004 schrieb Gerard Milmeister um 19:49:
> > I now have a nice 1600x1200 resolution on my CRT monitor, but can't get
> > xinerama to work. My second screen is an LCD Acer. I tried to configure
> > using system-config-display, and the generated xorg.conf seems to be
> > correct, but the Xserver refuses to start complaining about a duplicate
> > use of an Entity. Is it possible that the nv driver only supports a two
> > video card setup, but not a single card dual-head?
> Yes, it is "possible" - you definitely need two cards for a dual head
> configuration with nv.
> > Another problem is that the driver seems to have trouble deciding what
> > monitor to use. Sometimes it will use the LCD, which doesn't work well
> > because the resolution is set to high, then again the correct one, the
> > CRT is used. 
> Have a look at man nv. There are some options to specify which head to
> use.
> Peter
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