sound and network card issues

Aaron Kincer kincera at
Tue May 25 12:46:42 UTC 2004

I did a search for the models I am having trouble with, but didn't find 
anything in the lists so forgive me if these have already been discussed:

Soundblaster Live
-Seems to have detected and configured, but no sound is played either by 
test or by an audio CD

Network Everywhere NC100
-Put in PC after FC2 was installed, seemed to install drivers but 
wouldn't get a DHCP address
-Deleted the configuration and now after installing it gives a modprobe 
error when trying to activate saying "tulip device not present"
-Manually assigning an IP address in the proper subnet space to lo 
allows for communication

Miscellaneous issues
-why is there no "int" command to check interfaces already included?

Thanks in advance for any insight,

Aaron Kincer

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