Howto upgrade from FC1 to FC2?

Georg Wittig Georg.Wittig at
Tue May 25 13:29:33 UTC 2004


I want to upgrade my workstation from FC1 to FC2. A clean install isn't 
an option to me because my FC1 is customized heavily (to re-customize a 
cleanly installed FC2 would take days for me), and I'm running apt-get 
with a lot of atrpms additions, too.

The list archives didn't reveal much. So my question is, what's the 
simplest way to upgrade in my situation? I don't think upgrading via the 
official FC2 isos will work because of all the additional atrpms. 
Alternatively, I could install rpm, apt-get, and atrpms for FC2 on FC1 
first, and then "apt-get dist-upgrade". Or is this the wrong way?

Thanks for your help

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