Simple RealPlayer/Multimedia Solution

James Howard fedora at
Tue May 25 19:05:49 UTC 2004

On Mon, 24 May 2004, Peter Cannon wrote:

> On Saturday 22 May 2004 07:01, Sean Estabrooks wrote:
> > Many people have sound just work immediatly.  Would you please tell us
> >  where you filed your bugzilla information so we can take a look at the
> > particulars of the problem you're having?  If all you want to do is
> > complain and not help make things better most people here won't have the
> > time to listen to you.
> No, it doesn't require a bugzilla report I'm sure it works perfectlly on some 
> individuals machines it wont work on mine and a few others.
> > > Pathetic.
> >
> > As your attitude and understanding seems to be.
> Oooh what a clever statement youve made, dosent address the the problem, 
> really helps me/others to understand plus will never change mine and others 
> attitude to this type of comapatability issue. 

And Peter's statement "pathetic" helps address the problem?

> No you just want to start a flame.

Actually, Peter Canon was the one who dropped the turd on 
the group. The parent is only guilty of taking the bait. 
But his points are quite valid. This forum is about helping 
people resolve issues, not venting their frustration. If 
you are sincere about resolving your issues, please submit 
a detailed description of the problem and appropriate log 
data, and be patient. There are many here willing to 
volunteer their help if we are patient.
> > > Knock Bill Gates all you like at least things god dam work under windows
> > > and you dont have to be Einstien either! Download it. Install it. Use it.
> > > What more do you want?
> >
> > And all you have to do is pay $200.00 for the base operating system and
> > give up many of your freedoms!  Good trade?
> I can afford it, cant you?

Fine. Use Windows. I could care less. This purpose of this 
forum however is to discuss issues relating to Fedora 
Linux. Let's try to stay on topic.


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