PCI ADSL modem

Xavier Bachelot xb_ml at kelkoo.net
Wed May 26 10:21:34 UTC 2004

Mark Lane wrote:
> On May 25, 2004 08:59 am, Douglas Furlong <douglas.furlong at firebox.com> wrote:
>>Good afternoon all.
>>I was hoping some one could recommend a PCI based ADSL modem (or usb at
>>a stretch) that is supported natively within Fedora Core2.
> I would recommend against an internal ADSL modem. There maybe an odd one that 
> comes with Linux support but they are a nuisance. Just like internal modems 
> if they crash, AFAIK you will be forced to reboot you machine to reset it. I 

I'm using a Bewan PCI ST ADSL modem for 2 years now and I did not had 
any real pbs with it and especially, it never brought the machine down.
The machine is running 24/7.
So if your assumption might be true in some cases (eg with bad hardware 
and/or bad driver), it's definitly not the rule. One can use the same 
argument for every piece of hardware, and one end up with just a 
mainboard and a lot of strange stuff connected all around the main box. 
(soundcard, network card, etc...) It's quite stupid in my opinion ;-)

Back to the main topic, this adsl card is unfortunatly not supported 
natively under FC1 and surely not in FC2 too (not tested though).
But it's a pretty card with well maintained open source drivers.



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