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Cameron Showalter cameron at
Wed May 26 19:22:22 UTC 2004

I just installed FC2 on a toshiba satellite 1735 (a few year old 700mhz 
celeron, 196mb ram, 9gb HDD) and surprisingly enough havent had any 
problems, yet.   even the wireless card (micro$oft, MN-520) worked 
surprisingly well once I moved pcmcia to start before networking and 
configured it.

also, surprising to me was the battery status on the desktop.  I havent 
had a chance to test everything else, but my early evaluation on my 
laptop of FC2 is overall positive.

another Cam.   

Cam wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm concerned about the level of support for laptops / notebooks in 
> Fedora Core. I get the impression that most desktop systems and 
> hardware largely work but notebooks tend to have problems with power 
> management, suspend, cpu throttling, hardware buttons and integrated 
> hardware (eg. wireless devices).
> So if anyone out there has a notebook model that is fully working, 
> let's have a show of hands. How many models are available where 
> everything just works?
> I've got one but it's only just started suspending reliably, the power 
> management is not working and features like screen brightness have not 
> worked since leaving APM for ACPI. Although I love the latest software 
> that comes with Fedora I feel it's badly let down by it's hardware 
> support.
> Is anyone considering working on a 2.4 / APM based release that would 
> support the notebooks and laptops that are not really usable with 
> Fedora as it stands?
> -Cam

Cameron Showalter
IS Manager
GW School Supply, Inc.

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