Need ssh on ppp0, everything else on eth0

Satish Balay balay at
Wed May 26 23:29:45 UTC 2004

On Thu, 27 May 2004, M. Fioretti wrote:

> On Wed, May 26, 2004 18:03:50 PM -0500, Satish Balay
> (balay at wrote:
>>>> You might have read that I wasted some days trying to get ssh work
>>>> through a D-Link DSL-504T router only to know from D-Link that "yes,
>>>> we have succeeded to replicate the problem here. And yes, it *is* a
>>>> bug in the *router* firmware. We have already signalled it to R&D,
>>>> which will fix it in the next release of the firmware..."
>>>> In the meantime, I do need to do ssh soon. I was thinking to keep
>>>> email, www, anything else go ADSL through eth0 and reroute only
>>>> ssh/scp (to *any* server) through ppp0. How should I do it?
>> Does the router work with sshd on other ports other than 22?
> I haven't tried it because I am running the client. I have to connect
> through that router *to* several sshd servers. Almost all of them won't
> certainly screw up their other customers changing ports because my
> router is broken, will they?
> FWIW, I read on an italian newsgroup of another guy who cannot run his
> ftp server behind the same router: it really seems as though they ONLY
> tested web browsing, email clients, and shipped...

Well my thought was - if you can connect to one machine - then you can
tunnel the rest of the connections through it.  But it sounds like ssh
connections on all ports will be borken.

The other alternative I was thinking was to add explicit route entrys
for the machines you ssh - into the routing table.

Not exactly the solution you were looking for. Ideally you want a vpn


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