Kde 3.2.2 in FC 2 and mandrake 10

Who Knows quien-sabe at metaorg.com
Thu May 27 01:50:38 UTC 2004

Mariusz wrote:
> Hi.
> I had Mandrake 10 with KDE 3.2, today I install FC2 and firs what I saw was 
> total difrent KDE. Looks like I am using KDE but it looks more like GNOME. 
> Whenewer it is big diffrent between KDE 2.2 what I had under Mandrake 10 this 
> what I see now in FC2.
> 1. I lost all mail, and address seting  kmai change folder from ~/.Mail to 
> ~/Mail
> 2. Start Menu is also diffrent. 
> Can somebody explaine me this is some diffrents between distribution FC2 and 
> Mandrake, and KDE in this two distribution is diffrent?

Certainly, Redhat chose to standardize the look and feel of their 
default GNOME and KDE makeing them look as similiar as possible with the 
Bluecurve theme.

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