ethereal gui and stuff

Sy Beamont sbeam at
Thu May 27 12:09:21 UTC 2004

When I pass the -x option to tethereal I get a libc error:

# /usr/sbin/tethereal -i lo -d tcp.port==8087,http -x
Capturing on lo
  0.000000 ->    TCP 36234 > 8087 [SYN] Seq=0 
Ack=0 Win=32767 Len=0 MSS=16396 TSV=17555229 TSER=0 WS=0

** ERROR **: file print.c: line 691 (print_line): should not be reached

anyonw know what is up with that?

Also what happened to the ethereal gtk gui? There used to be one that 
had a nice decoded ASCII and hex dump of all the packets in a pane. 
'yum list *ether*' shows nothing.


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