FC2--can't get SMB share from nautilus

Don Campbell donaldtcampbell at charter.net
Thu May 27 13:47:04 UTC 2004

Marlin L. Borsick wrote:

>Do you have the firewall installed and working? I had to disable mine to
>get samba shares to be seen across my network. 
Firewall on, firewall off, same problem. Firewall doesn't prevent
smbclient to access the other machine's information with
"smbclient -L machinename" that's followed by a password
query which when answered is followed by a listing of shares
etc.  From that 1) I conclude that samba is working; 2) since
nautilus simply says
"The folder contents could not be displayed"
when clicking on the machine name of the windows box without
asking for a password it seems to be a nautilus configuration

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