upgrading to Xwindows

Brad Smith brads at redhat.com
Thu May 27 14:17:04 UTC 2004

I've never done anything like what you suggest, but you could probably
do this by running:

yum install gnome-desktop

and letting it handle the dependencies for you. Before doing this, make
sure you configure yum to use a mirror instead of the main repo, which
can be slow. Then start it up, make yourself a sandwich and with any
luck when it's finished you'll be able to just run 'startx'. 

Again, I haven't done this but I don't see why it wouldn't work.


On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 08:38, Rick Lim wrote:
> Hi there,
> This question probably has been asked before but I can't find anything on
> it.
> I have upgraded a RH9.0 system (non Xwindows) to Fedora Core2, now I want to
> upgrade to an Xwindows installation on the same machine without a complete
> reinstall.
> How would I go about this?

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