new FC1 install problems

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Mon May 3 14:32:22 UTC 2004

On Monday 03 May 2004 08:20, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
>Am Mo, den 03.05.2004 schrieb Gene Heskett um 03:31:
>> Greetings;
>> My main box lost its ability to run anything gtk or gnome related,
>> so I put in FC1 disk1 and did an upgrade from my well modified
>> RH8.0 install.  Running gcc3.2, kde3.2, qt3.2 and the best kernel
>> so far, 2.6.5-mm6.
>[ snipped the story ]
>> Where do I go from here folks?
>> No Cheers for FC1 at this point, Gene
>your are either very, very optimistic or blue eyed. 

Both :)  And an old fart (69) to boot. I started on much much simpler 
machines back in the 70's, writing a commercialy used app for the RCA 
1802 cpu with nothing but the programmer manual and the machines hex 
monitor.  Unforch, thats ill-equipt me to deal with os's whose src 
code is in the general area of 200 megabytes. :(

>At least you 
>overestimate what an automatic upgrade process can handle. And that
> is no limitation of Fedora nor of RPM in specific.
>You did not say, but I guess all the never software versions on your
> RH8 were installed from source and where no RPM packages. So how
> should the package manager handle that situation? And even it were
> RPM installed packages, it had to handle dependencies and
> downgrading to versions FC1 does deliver. And on top there is the
> situation that FC1 is not kernel 2.6 ready. Of course not to forget
> that even your system was broken before you started upgrading (you
> mentioned that in your first sentence).
>Conclusion: all that was to be expected. In cases of such heavily
>customized installations - your RH8 did not look any more like RH8 -
>there is only the way of a fresh new install.

Well, I have now managed to get at least as much working as was 
working before.  Including the now very old version of mozilla-1.4.  
I did have 1.6, so I put that back in after a while.

I got yum from the update site with it and let yum trundle thru it 
last night, updateing 296 packages, but I haven't rebooted yet.  And 
my gtk stuff is still very iffy, see another post showing the 
gftp-2.0.17 output and segfault.  This may be something related to 
the original having been installed from a tarball without using 
checkinstall -R.

So things are looking up at a slight angle :)

Cheers, Gene
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