Old farts and new Linux

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Mon May 3 17:23:44 UTC 2004

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My story isn't nearly so distiguished as others, but here you are:

I'm near on to 33 years old and I've been using Linux for a few years.  My first install was RH7.1 if that helps.  I never really thought about marking the time since I've started using Linux, I suppose.  I started out by learning Windows-based networking (NT/2000/XP/2003) and currently work as a Network Engineer/Administrator in a heavily Windows-based network.  I am by no means a Linux expert, but I love working with Linux and I'm always ready to learn more about it.  I can do some pretty neat things with Linux, but I still astonish myself by not knowing some of the simple things - so I suppose I have a ways to go yet.  Either way, it'll be a heck of a ride getting there :)

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