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[OT] webserver ?

I have a question i realize is off topic somewhat but i need a little
assistance if i might.

I have a rather large domain i am responsible for running a webserver,
and in an effort to improve the site's rankings in search engines, a
consulting firm has suggested some interesting changes to the way the
webserver operates. Their first suggestion which i am struggling with is
to take all requests to http://w.blah, http://ww.blah and send a 301
redirect back to the user to http://www.blah. Not being an apache
rewrite module expert, i thought i would throw the question out to the
community at large and see what suggestions might arise.

I apologize again for being somewhat off topic here, but this is on a
fedora core 1 install to replace a rather large rh73 base running the

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.
Michael B. Weiner

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