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Re: new FC1 install problems -- OLD Codger stories

Tom 'Needs A Hat' Mitchell wrote:
On Mon, May 03, 2004 at 01:27:23PM -0400, Karen Spearel wrote:

A proper lady never reveals her age, but I did have an analog computer to play with in 1960...remember when Dr. Dobbs was a newsletter and was a charter subscriber to Byte. Back in the good olde days, if you couldn't handle the business end of a wirewrap gun, it didn't happen.

Was it the "Calculo Analog Computer Kit" .... Library of Science
My manual is copyright 1959.

Does anyone know where there is a  manual for the "Brainiac K-30" on
the net?

Then there my KIM-1.... lost to a rampage of house cleaning 15
years ago.

No, I was actually made by General Electric...I'm a bit of a pack rat but it was jettisoned a very long time ago. The Altair and the SWTPs went on the last move along with all the Flex and OS9 stuff and the serial terminals...the garage was looking like a museum.

Ahhh, the KIM-1...now there was a fun little machine...I still have a fondness for computers with real I/O...7 segment LEDs and a keypad. ;) I sorta snicker at the 4k stack problem...remembering the fixed 128 byte stack pointer on the 6502...which didn't seem much of a limitation at the time.


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