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Re: Desktop launcher

Tonamiben wrote:
Hi everyone and thank's for this oportunity to post on this list...

I am a newbie to Linux and recently I installed Fedora core 1
I think I am sold to Linux now, even since I get small problems...
anyways, I downloaded binaries from Pingus game website, it work great when I started it from
a terminal; I CD to the folder of the game than type games/pingus than the
game start like a charm !
I tried to make a launcher many times because I want it easy start for my kids,
unsuccessful every times, what is the good method to make a launcher in the start menu and/or on the Gnome desktop ?

Thank's many time !

Tonamiben ;-)

Try this out:

1. Write down on a piece of paper the complete path to the executable file for the game -- you'll need that in a second!

2. On a clean part of the task bar, right-click, and select
Add to Panel -> Launcher...

3. Create Launcher will appear. Insert a name for the game, and in the space provided for the Command, enter the complete path to the executable you wrote down earlier.

4. You'll want a nice icon for the task bar, so let's select one by clicking on Browse. On my FC1 box, it opens /usr/share/pixmaps, which has many, many icons to select from.

5. In the Type box, make sure it's saying Application.

6. Click OK.

At this point, you should have an icon on your task bar that will allow you to click to start your game.

If you want an icon for the desktop, try dragging the icon you created to the desktop.

However, this doesn't address how to put a launcher in your start menu, but there are some cautions against editing the menu. See this url for additional details:


Hope this helps,
Clint Harshaw  <clint penguinsolutions org>

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