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Scott Burch scott at
Mon May 3 21:56:12 UTC 2004

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>Well, I certainly hope you haven't let this issue just fester for a
>month!  Stay on top of tech support.  File reports with Bugzilla.
>It's _your_ responsibility to see that you get your money's worth.
>You know, squeeky wheel and all that...

I don't know what the rules are here about posting RedHat stuff, but
since I was praising people for providing good advise....

The issue I am having is regarding the megaraid drivers.  I am running
a Dell server with raid 5 on RHEL 3.0.  Access is very slow.  hdparm -t 
shows approximatly 8MB/sec.  I have done the following to troubleshoot:

1) modified initrd to use the provided megaraid2 module
2) Booted off of Knoppix and checked the speed (75MB/sec)
3) Booted off of the RedHat disk1 in recovery mode and checked the
   speed (no change still 8MB/sec)
4) used a large file copy operation to ensure that hdparm not giving
   me erroneous information.  Took about twice as long as my laptop
   that is running Fedora. (I know this is a rough test)

'top' shows high iowait percentage.  I assume this is just the OS outrunning
the drives.

If anyone has any further things for me to try, please let me know.

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