Linksys or Netgear

duncan brown duncanbrown at
Tue May 4 00:21:28 UTC 2004

not sure if you guys can get the rebate or not, but the netgear wireless
bridge is on rebate at staples.  $59.


Austin Isler said:
> Thanks much for all your guys help. Last night I went out and bought two
> Netgear MA311 pci adapter cards and a Netgear MR814. I put one adapter
> card in my wife's windoze box and the other in my Fedora box. In quoting
> my friend Duncan here, "BLAM" kudzu picked it up and I set it up in
> Fedora no problem. :) I will need to buy an ethernet bridge for my
> *cough* xbox *cough* as well. Once again thanks much.
> Austin
> On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 09:02, duncan brown wrote:
>> austin,
>>   if this is a desktop machine, save yourself the trouble and get a
>> wireless-ethernet bridge.  you'll spend about $15 more, but you'll
>> have less nightmares. has the linksys bridge for $83, just
>> hook that up to your existing ethernet and BLAM, you're set.  also, if
>> you have multiple machinesin the room that need connectivity, then
>> just get a hub for 30 bucks and wire them.
>> it's alot cheaper in the long run.
>> '
>> -d

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