Mailman upgrade to 2.1.2

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Tue May 4 00:44:07 UTC 2004

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> Subject: Mailman upgrade to 2.1.2
> I have a RH 7.3 box running Mailman 2.0.x that I'd like to
> upgrade to Fedora Core 1, which comes with Mailman 2.1.2.
> Are there issues involved here?  Has anyone tried this?

I think the general concensus when migrating to Fedora from an Redhat
release lower than 9.0 is a clean install.  The problem is that there was a
lot of packages that got broken in the process of moving from 7.3 to 9 and
Fedora.  Anyways, 7.3 is pretty stable.  What I can suggest is to grab a
SRPM of mailman 2.1.2, do a rpmbuild and install it on your system..  Just
my five cents.

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