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fresh upgrade from rh8.0 to FC1, gtk etc problems

I have a 3 part $PACKAGE_CONF_PATH (or whatever its named), as follows 
since I have kde3.2, installed in /root as the default face on this 

[root coyote /]# echo $PKG_CONFIG_PATH

There are duplicates of various ages in these seperate dirs and I 
obviously need to do some space patrol.

Since the install, and in fact before it, I gradually became aware of 
gtk/gdk problems.  I'm determined to get rid of one of the pkgconfig 
directories as its obviously obsolete after the install of FC1.  
Forceibly re-installing a package being complained about by a 
Makefile is not solving my problems due to finding the wrong includes 
and libs etc, etc.

Which one of /usr/lib/pkgconfig and /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig dirs is 
now the correct place to reference for the *.pc files on an FC1 
updated box?

Where also, did the install put all the -devel includes so I can get 
rid of the older/out of date ones in the other tree?

Ditto question for libs?

Cheers, Gene
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