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RE: RE: Mounting HDD

Am Di, den 04.05.2004 schrieb Chris Botha um 15:42:

> Thank you it worked I mounted it without using the -t option is that OK?
> But what is the difreance then between [mkfs -t ext3 /dev/hdb1] and
> [mkfs.ext3 -v /dev/hdb1],
> the dot between mkfs and ext3 puzzels me.
> Chris

See "man mkfs". I am not sure whether mkfs -t ext3 will really create an
ext3 filesystem or if it just defaults to ext2.

At least mkfs.ext3 is the explicit command to create an ext3 filesystem
and you have much more options for the creation.

And be aware that "mount -t ext3 /device /mountpoint" and "mkfs.ext3
/device" are total different commands! I do not fully understand your
question. See the manpages for each of the 3 commands to understand


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