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Re: make fedora bootable cd

Am Dienstag 04 Mai 2004 08:50 schrieb boby:
> I realy thank you for the fast reply ..... yes ...you
> are right ...i made a bootable cd at last just with
> click on the iso file and roxio made it ,,,,,
> for the other operating system is the same ? yes ?
> like solaris cd ....just click on the iso image ?
> i am going to try ..... again thanks

Generally there is no more configuration necessary, when burning an image 
Since you are so suprised, that simply burning an image file, results in a 
valid cd, maybe you should start with figuring out, what an image file 
actually is.

And to your second question:
If the first cd of every OS is bootable by default ? That depends on the 
creator of the image, ie the creator of the cd.
But since those cds are usually used to actually install an OS, most of them 
are bootable.
If not, a boot floppy is what u need.

Have phun,

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