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Re: Tackling a shared USB printer (linux -> WXP)

Either 1)use the redhat-config-printer, 2)or edit the conf
files manually+cups web config.

If going through second option, save a backup copy
cups.conf/mime.* and make the original read only to root.

Trying to use a mixture of 1) + 2) will results in
overwriting the configs each other. Obviously thats not
the results you wanna see.

--- Clifford Snow <glass-art comcast net> からのメッセー
> On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 14:55, Brion Swanson wrote:
> > Bob,
> > 
> > Thank you very much!  It's been a long battle
> against this printer, but with
> > your help I've finally won!
> > 
> > After changing the mime.types and mime.convs to
> include
> > application/octet-stream the Windows machines can
> print (well, at least one
> > can -- I haven't tried the other, but for all
> intents and purposes, they're
> > the same).
> I would recommend that you use the print manager
> setup to configure your
> print driver.  I found out the hard way that
> changing mime.types and
> mime.convs reverts back to the original settings
> when upgrading the
> print manager.  Instead go to Menu->System
> Settings->Printing.  After
> entering root pw, edit your printer.  Select the
> print driver tab and
> change the driver to generic, then select the "Raw
> Print Queue"  Save
> your changes and you should be in business.  
> I believe the instructions are a bit vague.  It
> wasn't until I bugzilled
> the problem that I found out the right way to make
> it work through
> upgrades.
> <xnip>
> -- 
> Clifford Snow

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