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Re: FAQs?

John Aldrich wrote:
Ok... I give up. I'd like to get up2date to, at the very least, keep my RH9 system updated with all security and errata, but since RedHat is no longer supporting RH 9, my only option is Fedora.

You could look at www.fedoralegacy.org (or do a search for Fedora Legacy). From what I hear, they will basically be supporting end-of-life RedHat products... for security updates anyway.

I seem to recall that one can reconfigure Up2Date to download from the Fedora servers, but I don't know what changes need to be made. Is there a FAQ somewhere on what changed have to be made to get that running?

I don't know about that as Fedora servers will have their own Fedora updates and not RH9... I may be wrong.

I also know that up2date will run much like apt in that you can update to the next version without having to have physical install media. I'd be interested in doing that, but I need to know how, and I'm assuming since the silence to my question on this is deafening, that it's in the FAQ somewhere. I'll RTFM if someone will point me to TFM!

Sorry but I must remain silent on this one. I have no idea if you can "apt" your way from RH9 to FC1 or FC2. Maybe you could download disc 1 or create a boot disk and do an FTP install, so you won't need any physical media other than the initial boot disk. I guess I didn't remain silent after all.

Hope this helps...


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