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Re: Escaping

Bob Shaffer said:
> What options do I have, if any, to accomplish anything similar to what
> I'm talking about with Fedora Core?

if you're talking about using fedora on a production server and you don't
want to have to install a new version every 9-12 months, then you're using
the wrong distribution... from what i've experienced, fedora is more like
a fast-track latest-everything used to progress the core of redhat's
business, the redhat enterprise packages.  these have 5 year life spans. 
if your server means that much to you and you're making that much money,
pay them to support your system longer.  you're talking very little money
to keep your server up to date, $370 a year.

now, people may complain about that, but look at it this way:
you can download and compile or install binaries from the individual
product's website, but that takes time.  time is money with business, so,
for $370 a year you're getting basically a sysadmin that's going to keep
your system up to date for you, installs your software and makes sure all
the dependencies are met for new software and security patches.

oh, and you're getting someone to talk to if things go bad.  $370 is a
BARGAIN if this is business.  you have to spend money to make money, this
isn't a 'no money down' get rich quick scheme, this is an industry.

now, i'm reminded of a quote from a friend who used to run a free shell
service back in the mid 90s that he'd take down once in a while.

"what do you want for free?" (ny/nj english, sorry about that.  a good
translation is, "it's free, stop bitching.  if you want something with
professional support, then pay for it.")



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         - Linus Torvalds, August 1991

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