Jeremy Brown jeremy at
Tue May 4 20:03:23 UTC 2004

Bob Shaffer ][ wrote:

>Are you telling me that "yum update" and "yum upgrade" will completely
>upgrade everything?  I've never used the "upgrade" option thinking it was
>synonym for "update" in that context.  If I can actually use yum to
>upgrade my system to FC2, that might be what I'll do.

Err, that was a mistype there.  It's apt where you have to "update", 
then "upgrade".  WIth yum, "update" will do it all.

But yes, after FC2 is released you *should* be able to point your 
"/etc/yum.conf" file at a FC2 repository (it's currently pointed at a 
FC1 repository) and issue "yum update"...and after many minutes of 
churning (and probably a reboot) you should be running what is basically 
a FC2 system.

Because of the larger changes that occur between releases (relocated 
config files, software compiled with different support, wide-scale 
changes like SELinux), you may have to sort out some things manually, 
though.  I recently upgraded one of our RH9 machines here to FC1 (in 
prep for the RH9 EOL) using this method, and I remember a few things not 
quite working right, due to an RPM present in FC1 but not in RH9 not 
being this ironed out pretty quickly with a Google 
search (turns out a lot of people had the same problem I did).


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