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Re: Old farts and new Linux

I know this is off topic but it would be intersting to
know how many women are on this list .. young or
old..... (I would never call  a woman a old fart).. 

I have been encouraging people young and old to get on
the linux movement on the island (trinidad) and its
been hard.

my sister was showing some potential but she needs MS
Access for work and she doesnt want to battle with the
steepish learning curve required with Linux


--- Steve Blackwell <steve blackwell eer com> wrote:
> > Just had to respond to this one.  First post at
> that.  I qualify as  
> > an
> > "old fart" and not the slightest bit offended. 
> I'm 68, have four
> > boxes
> > up, including a laptop, with various flavors of
> mdk 10 and FC 1.   
> > Most
> > dual boot to w2k.  Would be total linux if I could
> get Quicken to  
> > work
> > in wine but that's another issue.  Love linux and
> will never go back
> > to
> > windows except as absolutely necessary.  I'm
> certainly no expert but
> > learning fast.
> Hey bj,
> I just got Quicken 2002 Deluxe to work in wine
> (wine-20040309- 
> 1rh73winehq) on my RH7.3 box. If you are interested,
> I can send you my  
> config file.
> At 45, I too would, no doubt, be referred to as an
> "old fart" by any  
> college kid.
> Steve
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