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Re: Old farts and new Linux

Richard Crawford wrote:

Charles R. Dennett said:

D James said:

Steve Blackwell wrote:

Hey bj,

I just got Quicken 2002 Deluxe to work in wine (wine-20040309-
1rh73winehq) on my RH7.3 box. If you are interested, I can send you
my  config file.

At 45, I too would, no doubt, be referred to as an "old fart" by any
college kid.


Sign me up for that too Steve!

I guess I'm a semi-old-fart.  Only 49.  Been doing Sun/UNIX support
since SunOS 3.5.  HP3000, HP1000 and other stuff before that. Only
started with Linux just over a year ago.

Anyway, the only reason I keep my old Windows box around is because I
could not get Microsoft Money 2001 working under wine. I wonder if that
would be similar? I only use MS$ because the old box came with it and
I've grown used to it.

I've heard that Gnumeric -- Gnucash? -- is a tolerable replacement for Quicken/MS$. I'm thinking about switching to it myself. Anyone have any experience with it?

I use gnucash and IMHO it outdoes even Quickbooks Pro.

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